Athletics 3: Summer sports

Athletics 3: Summer Sports

Practice athletic sports in a realistic 3D environment through 42 events & 9 online multiplayer competitions!

Challenge the computer or play against friends to beat records all around the world !

Are you ready to take on the best in the world ?

"Athletics 3: Summer Sports" allows to play athletics, cycling, fighting, gymnastic, shooting, swimming events and many more, all in sharp 3D graphics.


Compete against your friends with the online multiplayer mode.


Train to increase your athlete's performance and improve strength and speed.

"Athletics 3: Summer Sports" immerses you in an olympic authentic atmosphere. You will evolve through detailed and realistic environment with animations to celebrate your records. The game includes music and special crowd sound effects.

"Athletics 3: Summer Sports" provides an intuitive gameplay system for both beginners and experienced players. It requires fast fingers, impeccable timing, and smart strategy to defeat your opponents and claim a medal.


Rule the World Leaderboard for each event and each competition. Take a look at leaderboard and see how your score ranks against your friends, as well as all players.

Go head to head against 60 athletes from USA to Australia !

42 sports:

-100 Meters

-200 Meters

-400 Meters

-110 Meters Hurdles

-1500 Meters

-4x100 Meters Relay

-Long Jump

-High Jump

-Triple Jump

-Javelin Throw

-Pole Vault

-Shotput Throw

-Discus Throw

-Hammer Throw

-Horse Racing








-Ping Pong 11 points

-Ping Pong 5 points

-Mountain Bike



-Horse Show Jumping Track 1

-Horse Show Jumping Track 2

-Rowing 500 Meters

-Swimming 50 Meters

-Swimming 100 Meters

-Cycling: Sprint 2 laps

-Cycling: Sprint 5 laps

-Diving: 10 Meters Platform

-Synchronised Swmimming




-Bullseye Shooting

-Rapid Fire Shooting

-Skeet Shooting

Available now on Google Play and AppStore iOS